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Most ticket sites these days rip you off with surprise “service fees” snuck in at checkout. Dozens, sometimes hundreds of dollars, piled on by the big name sites just because they can. With Ticket Club, you don’t have to put up with that. Get a premier membership, and you won’t pay a dime of those fees. Ever. And at $49.99 for the first year, then just $9.99 a year after, your savings can add up big. Even if you only buy event tickets once in a while.

Why You Should Promote Us

1. With a Ticket Club membership, customers can get tickets for about 10-20% less than other site.
2. No hidden service fees.
3. “100%” guarantee that once your order is accepted, your tickets will be valid and shipped in time for the event.

Program Details

Membership Commissions: 
Our former commission rate was $10 per membership with a cookie duration of 10 days.

We now offer 50% of membership fee paid by the member and have extended the cookie period to 30 days. So, if a consumer pays the full price of a membership at $49.99 within the allotted cookie period, you would get $25.

Ticket Sale Commissions: 
Great news! As an affiliate you can now also earn commissions on ticket sales!

  • $5 for orders less-than $200
  • $10 for $200+ orders
  • $20 for $500+ orders
  • $40 for $1000+ orders

Cookie Duration: 30 days
Network: LinkShare AvantLink 
PPC Terms: Closed PPC Policy

Keywords for Category Placement:

sports, concerts, theater tickets, comedians, circus, monster jam, tickets, concert tickets, artist tickets, sports tickets, leaduge tickets, team tickets, show tickets, cheap, discount, promo code

FTC Compliance

Please ensure you are following the guidelines for promoting our clients. You can find a simple reference here: Affiliate FTC Compliance Guidelines


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