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Merchant Testimonials

"With, our affiliate sales growth is out-pacing other online channels. Our rep's responsiveness has been excellent. I like that their turnkey services take care of completely everything, while being totally responsive to our regular input. We look forward to an awesome year with AffiliateManager!"

Nate Kartchner - Marketing Manager,

"Being in the E-commerce game for over 16 years it is refreshing to deal with people that "get it". The entire team at understood our need to not only grow our business but to do so profitably. From the initial launch stage up until today we find the team extremely proactive and creative constantly helping us grow our affiliates channel."

Ezzie Schaffran - COO,

"I had an affiliate manager for years, but when I met they showed a drive and hunger to do everything needed to grow my affiliate program. I had never seen another company setup so well to go after the best affiliates for my business and continue to work aggressively with my current affiliates, making sure everyone was highly motivated to represent my products above anyone else. I see great growth and a positive future for my affiliate marketing program."

Douglas Foster - President,

"In the years we've been with, Footwear Etc. has experienced 37% year-over-year growth, and we've reduced spending to keep our campaign under a 10% cost of sales total. We are filled with confidence in Affiliate Manager's marketing efforts on our behalf, and we're full of appreciation for the successes they've garnered for us."

Mike Baranov - VP Merchandise & Online Operations,

" has been an integral part of our digital marketing team. The affiliate channel has proved to be one of the, if not the most successful avenues for generating unique site visits, leads, and customers. Reaching new audiences is always a challenge, and have helped us accomplish that, and thus improve the visibility of our brand as a whole."

Bobby - Director of eCommerce,

" delivers results for us. We were in the market for a new affiliate manager, and impressed us from the outset. They listen to our needs and continue to show us new ways to create win-win scenarios for ourselves and our affiliates. The fact that we don't have to worry about our affiliate program is a testament to the quality work they do. You can't go wrong with"

Matt Donnelly - Content Strategist,

" has been such a pleasure to work with even though we have been with them only for a little under 2 months. I can certainly testify to the amount of work they have already done for our program with affiliate recruitment, optimizing our placements, negotiating deals on our behalf, teaching us the best practices of program management, and consistently delivering clear-cut communications and follow-ups when needed to make sure our program is headed towards new strategies that will work to our benefit for long-term growth and firm relationships with affiliates. Our program wouldn’t be at the stage it’s currently in without their help."

Tiffany Kaminski - Marketing Coordinator & Affiliate Program Manager at

"As a startup, we're always looking to find new, cost-efficient channels that will put us in front of potential customers-- does this for us with little to no maintenance on our end. We've made back well over what we've spent and continue to be impressed by the number of sales that come through every week."

Margarette Jung - Marketing Manager at

"Love! We launched our own in-house affiliate program and it was great, but when we let take over, the growth we saw in both the number of active affiliates and sales was staggering!"

Andreas Dettlaff - CEO of

" is hands down the best affiliate program management company I've ever worked with, and I've worked with quite a few but that generated disappointing results in the past. is different - they're always on top of things and communication is great. Highly recommended for everyone!"

Eric Siu - Director of Marketing at

"Working with the team has been a breath of fresh air. Not only are they competent, they truly understand what it takes to re-launch a stale affiliate program and are willing to do whatever it takes to make the possible a reality. They are patient but diligent in developing a well thought out plan, and their team is a cohesive unit during its execution. Working with is like joining a family that welcomes you in and makes your success their success."

Scot Ruble – Project Manager at

"Since taking over our affiliate program, the team has done an outstanding job of focusing our affiliate program, implementing new tools for the affiliates to maximize sales and growing both the quality of our affiliate network and revenues. They are always coming up with new ideas and innovations that have transformed our affiliate program into a significant sales channel. Their specific expertise in and knowledge of affiliate marketing combined with their ability to develop strong affiliate partnerships makes them an extremely valuable partner for Ty's Toy Box."

George Stolpe - VP of Marketing for TTB Marketplace

"We began working with a few months ago and are very happy with the growth we've seen. It has been a pleasure working with our Account Manager and the rest of team. In our bi-weekly calls, they are always prepared with fresh ideas and strategies to optimize the campaign. Our dedicated Account Manager is also always accessible and constantly on the lookout for new opportunities. We look forward to continuing to grow our campaign with and are excited to begin working with them on an affiliate program for our newest venture."

Amanda – Director of Online Marketing at

"Being new to the affiliate game, we wanted a partner that would work with us closely as we build our program. has been that partner for the last year. They have provided the professional guidance, support and success that has grown our program to a top online channel performer."

Nicole Forrester - Director of Interactive Marketing at

"In recent years, I've had the pleasure of working with in two separate business situations. In one case, they were brought on to take over and revitalize an unsuccessful, struggling affiliate program already begun a year earlier with a different company. In another, was hired to launch an affiliate program from scratch. In both instances, I found them to be attentive, detail-oriented, and highly effective. The former program turned out to be a tremendous financial success and the latter is well on its way to achieving the same. Their desire to see clients succeed and profit from a highly effective affiliate program, combined with their customer-focused, personalized attention, have lead me to recommend them highly and without hesitation."

Peggy Mullaney -

Affiliate Testimonials

"There can be a natural friction between publishers and merchants that when improperly managed often leads to misunderstanding, distrust and/or confrontation. Conversely, Jon Nunez and his experienced team at have an unbelievable ability to turn this friction into a fruitful process that fosters communication, creativity and a shared set of goals that ultimately enhances profit. Few other OPMS consistently deliver a win-win scenario like They are exceptional at what they do."


"Working with the is always a pleasure because they take the time to understand our business model and work hard to bring us opportunities that have a great chance of success."

Adam Viener – Chairman and Founder at IMWave

" works with us to develop optimization strategies that perform year after year, making them a valuable partner to large publishers like Shopwiki. Everyone on their team is knowledgeable, friendly, and always willing to reach out to advertisers on our behalf. They work with us on new initiatives to facilitate advertiser engagement as our business model evolves which is critical to our growth. offers a truly unique experience that cannot be matched anywhere else in the agency space."

Heath Bertini - Business Development, Sr. Manager at

"I've been working with for over 6 months and I have to say they are the most professional affiliate managers I've worked with in my 15 years of affiliate marketing experience. I would recommend the team at to anyone wanting to find support in growing their online presence. Not only are they helpful and quick to respond, their teams seem to have a great understanding of the affiliate industry leading to successful marketing to growing businesses together."

Sondra Moore – Power Affiliate