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Perfect Audience is a retargeting platform that lets businesses bring back lost customers and get more sales effortlessly. By serving ads to past website visitors and email subscribers, Perfect Audience allows advertisers to increase ROI across Google, Facebook, Instagram and 90% of the web and mobile devices.

Why You Should Promote Us

1. Simple, easy to use online advertising platform.
2. Run all your campaigns under one roof.
3. One solution for all of your retargeting needs,

Program Details

Commission: Up to $50
Network: TUNE
Cookie Duration: 30 Days
PPC Terms: TM Bidding is not allowed

Keywords for Category Placement:

retargeting, mobile retargeting, web retargeting, facebook retargeting, retargeting solutions, perfect audience,, advertisting,

FTC Compliance

Please ensure you are following the guidelines for promoting our clients. You can find a simple reference here: Affiliate FTC Compliance Guidelines

Example Creative:

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