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At LYFE Fuel, we believe that getting the most out of life starts with the fuel you put in your body. Using a holistic approach to wellness & nutrition, LYFE Fuel provides exactly what you need to look, feel, and perform your best…every single day.

Why You Should Promote Us

1. Our products are exclusively sourced using plant-based whole food ingredients.
2. Our products are founded on the core values of quality, efficacy, and sustainability.
3. Our focus on nutrient density means that you get more out of what you’re putting in your body, without the complexity and cost of taking several different supplements.

Program Details

Commission: 50%
Network: Impact
Cookie Duration: 30 Days
PPC Terms: Closed without explicit permission.

Keywords for Category Placement:

Meal Replacement Shakes, Post-Workout Shakes, Algae Omega DHA, Plant-Based (Vegan) Probiotic, Essential Nutrition, Superfood Shakes, Plant-based Protein, Plant-based Diet, Recovery Shake

FTC Compliance

Please ensure you are following the guidelines for promoting our clients. You can find a simple reference here: Affiliate FTC Compliance Guidelines

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