Doing Our Part for Earth Day!

by Affiliate Manager
3 years ago

As an early celebration for Earth Day 2018, the team dedicated the afternoon of Wednesday, April 18th to making our contribution. We joined the Environmental Protection Division in their efforts to raise awareness about the importance of the local water resources and the environment.

Our task was storm drain labeling. We marked storm drains with “No Dumping” medallions and handed out flyers and leaflets that described the importance of keeping pollutants and other wastes from the storm drains that runoff untreated to the local lakes. With leaflets, caulk gun, storm drain medallions, and brushes in hand, we pounded the pavement (literally) in the neighborhood.

By the end of it, we were covered in sweat, but proud to have been able to demonstrate our commitment to save the planet we live on. Afterwards, we concluded our Earth Day project the way any normal person would…with a celebratory round of margaritas!