About Us


We began our journey into affiliate marketing in 2002 by launching several campaigns for companies that were just entering the space. In order to successfully compete with the worldwide brands, we developed and executed strategies that attracted major affiliates, secured placement for our offers, and provided the platform for them to consistently drive results while receiving more dedicated support. In 2004, we identified a need for quality outsourced affiliate program management and launched our company under the name Suluta.com. Our successes ultimately enabled us to acquire and rebrand as AffiliateManager.com, which has increased our brand awareness and affiliate base significantly. The experience built by managing programs ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies throughout the past 10+ years has allowed us to evolve our core processes to stay ahead of the curve, and we continue to lead the charge with groundbreaking new software applications that streamline efficiencies in managing even the most complex of programs.


We provide ethical affiliate management services:

The success we’ve achieved today was made possible by earning our clients trust, and that is something we don’t take lightly. It is our job to educate our clients and ensure they are comfortable with the marketing methods of their affiliate base, even if that means risking losing a percentage of our sales and commissions. We do so because it is the right thing to do and the fact that our clients will remain loyal as a result is viewed as a bonus.

We launch brand new affiliate programs and revitalize existing campaigns:

Our processes are proven and have generated results for a wide variety of different products and services. We can manage or launch an affiliate program on any affiliate network and guide it to success, including an in-house tracking solution.

We build affiliate tools:

If we see a need for a tool, we don’t wait around till it’s invented. We build it from scratch and our clients and affiliates reap the benefits. Our tools were so in demand, we’ve actually had to created public products to fill needs in the industry. Learn more about our tools here.