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Welcome to the Affiliate Center for Here you can reference the program's terms and stay up on important updates. Additionally, you are able to create custom links and banners by simply following the directions on the right side of the page.

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"Gradshop is a leader in the development, manufacture and distribution of premium graduation apparel and accessories at affordable prices, using only the best materials and beautifully crafted designs in our full line of graduation regalia and accessories. We service over 100,000 schools around the globe with specialized offerings for each age group and category."

Why You Should Promote Us

1. Trusted by over 100,000 school worldwide
2. Lowest price guarantee
3. FREE shipping on orders over $999

Program Details

Commission Rate: 12%
Cookie Duration: 45 days
Network: Commission Junction
PPC Terms: TM bidding and Direct Linking are not allowed

Keywords for Category Placement:

Graduation Caps, Graduation Gowns, Graduation Hoods, Academic Regalia, University Graduation Apparel, Stoles Doctoral Tams, Masters, Doctoral Hoods, Gowns, Graduation Tassels, education, college, high school, middle school, elementary, kindergarten, preschool

FTC Compliance

Please ensure you are following the guidelines for promoting our clients. You can find a simple reference here: Affiliate FTC Compliance Guidelines


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example affiliate banner

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